Things to do

Rankin Inlet has cultural activities that run throughout the year. Hockey is a large part of the community as it is with many across Nunavut, but Rankin Inlet is special in that it is home to the NHL Hockey Player Jordan Tootoo of the Detroit Red Wings. On top of this, there are large hockey tournaments held in the community each year including the Terrence Tootoo Memorial and the Polar Bear Plate.

There are various hockey tournaments scheduled through the winter, Curling Tournaments in March, and a Mens and Womens Volleyball Tournament in April. Also in April the annual festival Pakallak Tyme happens which features outdoor games and contests, dog team races, skidoo races, and lots more.   The biggest event in May is the Annual Fishing Derby even bringing in people from other communities. On July 9th is Nunavut Day proudly celebrated across the territory. During the summer months, the Rankin Inlet Co-Ed Softball League is run, where people are playing on Nunavut’s only “real turf”. When the summer ends, evening events such as Badminton, Volleyball, Basketball, Soccer, and Wrestling are happening. In the fall, the community usually hosts the annual Kivalliq Tradeshow inviting Businesses from all 7 communities across the Region. During the holidays, there are organized events including Snow Sculptures, Games, Talent Shows, Concerts, Craft Sales, School Pageants, and Dog Sled and Snowmobile Races.

There are a few cool places to check out while here in Rankin Inlet such as the brand new visitors center. Here at the visitors center you can find animal taxidermy including the Musk-ox, Polar Bear, Caribou, Siksik, and many more animals that call this region home. You can also check out one of the most popular buildings in town in being our brand new hockey arena. It is a hockey arena in the winter and is transformed into a soccer field with artificial turf in the summer.

There are a few neat arts and craft stores that you can shop at while here in Rankin Inlet including Ivalu, Maybe somewhere, and the Matchbox gallery. At these stores you will find Carvings, Earrings, home made clothing, traditional apparel, and country food harvested by our local hunters.